Hi there. Thanks for taking the time to look at my page!

I am a lifelong artist/ illustrator/ and designer. I really enjoy the creative process, and strive to continually improve and produce top-notch work. I also have years of customer service experience, and am generally known to approach all situations with a positive and easy-to-work-with demeanor, which I think makes a big difference!


I began my career with a fine art degree, which taught me the essentials of good design. I specialized in painting in oils and acrylics, and am also very good at illustration. From there, I entered the job field in retail as an art supply salesman, and soon after entered the gallery/ picture framing world. I continued to gain experience in that setting for eight years. During that time, I was continually working on my graphic design skills, taking a few classes on the subject and working with a close friend who was a professional designer.



Although I loved the picture framing industry, it was not to be my permanent career. I took up work with a sign shop, where I became a printer, designer, and sign-maker. I learned a great deal about working under tight deadlines, and optimizing graphics from customer files during this time, as well as wide-format and thermal printing. From there a move to another state cause me to shift gears and enter into the pet industry. I worked in retail as a pet care specialist and phone technician for a company that manufactured products for aquariums. I relied on my customer service and knowledge of animals during those years.


As luck would have it, I was offered a job by a friend for a college library, and began a new career working with collections management. I had the good fortune to also put my graphic design skills to good use for the library, and before long I was doing graphic design full time as a graphic design support specialist. I worked as graphic design support specialist for the library, working with students, faculty, and staff. I completed all kinds of projects for print and the web. I began working freelance more and more on the side, and soon I was doing graphic design for social media, blogs, and online news sources.


Today I am working as a freelancer, working daily with blogging, social media, and freelancing for clients. I get to be creative every day, and also have developed my writing abilities. I have reached millions of people through Facebook and the web. My graphic design has been featured in an Open Access textbook, available all over the world.


Some publications I have done graphics for:

Fundamentals of Business : Virginia Tech’s New Open Textbook

A Field Guide to the Snakes of Costa Rica

The Interloper



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